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Step#1: When Your Parents Need Assisted Living

It is an inevitable season of life, the age when parent and child roles reverse, and it is the children taking care of their parents. When every day tasks become too difficult or dangerous for your parents, more assistance is required to keep them safe and healthy. Some families can absorb this need within by…
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Assisted Living: The *NEW* Social Network

Socialization in young children is commonplace, but it is easy to neglect the significance of socialization for older adults. As we age, we might tend to feel lonely or isolated. It is imperative to be proactive in forming new relationships, whether living alone, or in an assisted living community. There are numerous benefits of socialization…
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Mind. Body. Strength: A Holistic Approach to Overall Health!

As we age, an active lifestyle is extremely important, as it is good for the mind, the body and strength. Regular exercise has many physical health and mental health benefits, especially for our loved ones as they age. There are various ways for people to increase their longevity, and ultimately boost their happiness. Regular exercise,…
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3 Things You May Not Know About Assisted Living

There are many myths floating around about Assisted Living on the Internet. It’s important to separate fact from fiction when looking at options for you or a loved one. Here are a few facts about Assisted Living that may surprise you. Assisted Living is More Affordable Than You Think - Compared to nursing home care and…
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