Experience Avanti


Bright-eyed, awake and sipping your favorite coffee, you check email on your easy-to-use Avanti tablet. You email your best friends to see if they will join you in the taste restaurant for breakfast, or if they have decided to sleep in and eat in their suites.


Perfectly full from your strawberry-stuffed French toast and bacon, you enjoy the crisp morning air and chat with friends in the European-style courtyard.


Time to put on the exercise shoes and hit the fitness room, complete with ballet bar – so much fun with all your neighbors!


Just finished another delicious lunch with friends and now you’re all considering a little pampering, maybe a massage at the spa or perhaps a manicure at the nail bar.


You open the windows in your apartment and enjoy the fresh air and birds chirping as you check the grandkids’ Facebook pages, then take a little nap.


Head to the Art Studio for a watercolor class and to say hello to friends, then catch up with far-away family via Skype.


Feeling a little giddy, enjoying dinner with friends who moved in last week. Amazing how much you have in common!


The concert you’ve been looking forward to was wonderful. The pianist’s rousing Great Balls of Fire got half the crowd moving! You may be sore tomorrow from the dancing!


Time to wind down for the day. Reading a book in the club room sounds like the perfect end to yet another perfect day at Avanti Senior Living.