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Lafayette at Avanti

Assisted Living at Avanti Augusta Pines is unique and unlike any other assisted living community you’ve ever seen. Specifically designed with one-of-a-kind amenities that were professionally planned, created, and decorated by industry-leading interior designers and architects, our communities empower seniors to remain engaged, active, and full of life.

Our holistic approach to caring for our residents is innovative. Good design and amenities that are unparalleled in the industry work together to enrich the lives of our residents by providing a relaxed, comfortable, and welcoming community. Each assisted living program is specially developed to help our residents live independently while offering freedom of choice.


Full service spa with relaxation therapy, aromatherapy,
therapeutic massage, full hair styling/service and manicure/pedicures

Wellness suite focusing on Mind l Body l Strength

Technology-enhanced living: WiFi, telemedicine, streaming video/media, tablets with software designed to entertain,
engage and connect residents

Comprehensive medical, health and wellness services including one-on-one healthy lifestyle meetings monthly

Endless options for resident engagement—from favorite social games, to cultural outings and an innovative workout studio for fitness routines—all coordinated by a creative,
highly-qualified Engagement Coordinator




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